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Documentation and examples for adding Bootstrap popovers, like those found in iOS, to any element on your site.



Four directions

Four options are available: top, right, bottom, and left aligned. Directions are mirrored when using Bootstrap in RTL.


Dismiss on next click

Use the focus trigger to dismiss popovers on the user’s next click of a different element than the toggle element.


Disabled elements

Elements with the disabled attribute aren’t interactive, meaning users cannot hover or click them to trigger a popover (or tooltip). As a workaround, you’ll want to trigger the popover from a wrapper <div> or <span>, ideally made keyboard-focusable using tabindex="0". For disabled popover triggers, you may also prefer data-bs-trigger="hover focus" so that the popover appears as immediate visual feedback to your users as they may not expect to click on a disabled element.

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